New website feature: Schedule a regular delivery

You asked for it!

Our customers now have the ability to schedule a regular weekly or fortnightly order of organic meals, fruit & veg and grocery items.

This new website feature is great for those who would like to receive a regular order but don't want the hassle of having to place an order each week.

Never miss an order deadline again!

You also have the ability to amend, add to or delete items from your regular order in addition to cancelling or pausing an order at any time  

* Please adhere to order deadlines when amending or cancelling an order

How it works:


Hop onto the website and shop as normal. You will notice the item description will then prompt you to make either a one off purchase or a “subscription”. If you wish to have items delivered regularly select the “subscription” option and then select your frequency. E.g. weekly or fortnightly.

For twice weekly meal deliveries you will need to set two different delivery schedules.


Within the same transaction you can have a combination of items you wish to receive on a regular basis, in addition to items you require as a one off.

You also have control over how long your subscription lasts for & will only be charged for each subsequent subscription order a few days prior to delivery, just as you would if you placed an order online without the subscription function.

Upon placing your subscription you are emailed a link which allows you to alter your order at any time (must be logged into the website to use this function).

Prior to each scheduled delivery we will continue to email you a confirmation of your delivery and approximate timeframe for delivery. A refund will be processed for any items which are unavailable at the time of delivery, or where applicable they will be placed in your following order, or a replacement item provided (at the customer’s agreement).

Now sit back and wait for your delivery to arrive…….






Terms & Conditions:

By placing an order utilising the subscription function you agree to the following conditions -

  • - Order amendments or cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to delivery or at our discretion we reserve the right to process your order and payment in full.
  • - Special dietary requirements or delivery instructions must be made in the “comments” box when ordering to ensure we receive a prompt regarding these each time we are preparing your order
  • - If an item is no longer available we will make attempts to contact the customer and suggest a suitable alternate item, where appropriate. Otherwise a refund will be processed within 24-48 hours.
  • - The onus is on the customer to provide an appropriate cooler box , esky etc if you have ordered perishable items & not expected to be home at the time of delivery.
  • - We do not take responsibility for items which have spoilt due to weather or are stolen in your absence if you are not at home at the time of the scheduled delivery.
  • - If a payment for your scheduled delivery fails we will attempt to contact you initially via email, prompting you to ensure appropriate funds are available or updating your card details so we can reattempt payment. Orders will not be processed without full payment.
  • - Utilisation of discount codes which don’t apply to your circumstances will not be tolerated and may result in an invoice being forwarded to the customer, requiring payment prior to delivery.

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