Essential oils


We first discovered essential oils when seeking out natural remedies & alternatives for our household & now we would not be without them!

To say we were cynical to start with is an understatement but it wasn't long after starting to use them that we started to see the benefits. The Digestzen Blend totally won us over! Alecia has suffered from stomach problems for a long time and although this is mostly controlled by diet it does flare up from time to time.. She tried Digestzen and it was almost immediate relief! 

We use DoTERRA therapeutic grade essential oils & Alecia is a DoTERRA Independent Wellness Advocate.  They have allowed us to cut out a majority of the medicines, cleaning, personal care products and chemicals within our home.

Some easy swaps - 

Swap Vicks Vapour Rub for an Easy Air Vapour Stick. You can also diffuse easy air in the room for the little ones (and big ones)

Sore after too much exercise? Try Ice Blue Rub instead of Dencorub

Swap headache medication for a blend of lavender and peppermint with coconut oil or for really severe headaches add a drop of Frankincense to the roof of the mouth

If you have belly pains swap Panadol for Digestzen

Instead of the sleepytime bath mix, add a few drops of lavender peace to the path

Some of our own favourite essential oils and blends:

- Lemon - we use daily in water for a beautiful fresh lemon flavour. If you struggle to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, this helps as the flavour is so pleasant. Lemon also has an alkalising effect on your body.

- Balance (Grounding blend) - Alecia's blend of choice. It has great calming properties, perfect for this super busy small business owner and mumma of 3. We also use on the bottom of our kids feet or chests before bed, to help with a more restful sleep.(No more 2 hour bed battles).

- Petal diffuser - Traditional oil burners & vapourisers heat the essential oils and can destroy some of the beneficial properties. You also have that worry of keeping the kids away from candle flames or hot steam. We love that the petal diffuser uses vibration to make a fine vapour that isn't hot to the touch so it's kiddie safe. It also features an ambient light which can be used as a night light too.

- On guard (Protective blend) - So handy during winter or changes of season when everyone seems to get sick. We use it to boost our immune systems, and the fluoride free whitening toothpaste is fab.. although the kids may need a little convincing about the taste as the clove taste was a bit strong for our crew!

Oil Curious? Do you want to know more? 

We love sharing our knowledge of how we use essential oils & are happy to help direct you to more information about oils that might support yours and your families health and wellness goals.

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 How to purchase oils?

You can purchase individual oils or packs through our store. We have a selection of oils pre loaded onto the website or you can view a full list of available oils here as its not possible to load them all as the selection is so extensive. Have a read and msg us to order them.

 If you are after more than one or two oils we would suggest you seriously consider a wholesale account. More details HERE  

Wholesale perks include ongoing oily support from us, 25% off RRP for 12 months, access to freebies and much more......