Who is Green Mumma?

Who is Green Mumma? For those of you who are new to Green Mumma we are first and foremost a family & Green Mumma was born out of a desire to provide us with a better home / life / work balance.

Hi I’m Alecia & my husband, Shady and I own and operate Green Mumma. We have 3 children, aged 8, 4 and 11 months.

2 years ago I was working full time in the fast food industry (more about that later), spending too much time away from my family, returning home feeling exhausted, run down and guilty as hell.

I was passionate about eating organically grown produce which is ironic considering at the time I was working in an industry which promoted the exact opposite and I was surrounded by all the marketing hype associated with fast food. I was also starting to delve into the world of superfoods as our now 4 y/old is a terrible eater and we saw this as a way to get some extra goodness into her.

Finally when I found out I was pregnant with our third child we felt that something had to give and a little seed was planted. Green Mumma started when I was heavily pregnant which raised a few eyebrows when I rocked up to do a delivery with a massive belly and a crate full of goodies..

Fast forward to the present time and we have been independently sourcing our own fresh produce for nearly 12 months and our grocery list and customer base is growing by the day.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our family, friends and loyal customers for the support along the way. We have some big plans and cannot wait to see what the future brings

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