No Wheat Buckwheat Pancake Mix - Organic Sunrise Foods

No Wheat Buckwheat Pancake Mix - Organic Sunrise Foods

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Organic Sunrise Foods Certified Organic No Wheat Buckwheat Pancake Mix


Makes 36 x 5cm pancakes.

Ingredients: buckwheat flour, maize flour, sugar, rice flour, baking powder, vanilla bi-carb, salt, cinnamon.


  • Mix contents of packet with 2 large eggs, 450ml milk or substitute and 20ml oil or melted butter.
  • Pan fry in a little oil or butter.
  • Delicious served with your favourite fruit or with a savoury topping.

Vegan recipe (our favourite recipe for this mix):

  • Mix 450 ml almond milk, ½ cup apple sauce , 20 ml oil, 1 cup of blueberries.
  • Mix all ingredients together and spoon in to “egg rings” in an oiled pan.
  • This will create a thicker style of pancake - almost like a scone.
  • Once you serve it with maple syrup and fresh berries along with your favourite ice cream you will be so delighted with the result.
  • This should produce approximately 22 “egg ring sized” pancakes and they can be refrigerated in an airtight container and easily reheated.