Mild Yellow Chickpea Miso (Soy Free) - Meri Miso

Mild Yellow Chickpea Miso (Soy Free) - Meri Miso

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Our Chickpea Miso is a blend of traditional and modern miso making styles that come together to create this unique and delicious, soy free miso paste. We have taken a miso recipe from Hawaii (yes - Hawaii!) and substituted the soy beans with chickpeas. This is a medium bodied miso that has a full flavour, plenty of natural sweetness from the koji rice and a distinctive nutty edge that rounds out the flavour profile.

This naturally fermented and unpasteurised miso is great in salad dressings and as a vegan cheese substitute - try making pesto and substituting the parmesan with this miso - flavour bomb!

Meru Miso is made in Tasmania using all Australian, Certified Organic ingredients and we make our miso to traditional recipes, using natural fermentation processes.