Schulz Organic Dairy - Full Cream Milk. 2L

Schulz Organic Dairy - Full Cream Milk. 2L

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 This milk is natural and pure. Because it is un-homogenised you will find a rich layer of cream on top. Schulz produces one of the only milks from a single herd farm,  giving them direct control over all aspects of farming.

Note - because of Schulz chooses not to standardize our milk via farming methods, therefore the cream content changes depending on the season (cow lactation), and the flavour of the cow’s type of feed.

What also makes Schulz unique is that they use the lowest legal pasteurising temperature/time method allowed. This allows the flavour to remain in the milk. It’s all about quality not quantity.

About Schulz Organic Farms (from their website):

Our products are truly pure, simple and delicious. It is still processed right on farm, in small batches with great care and attention to detail and cleanliness.

Made from whole milk of our Friesian and Jersey Cows we add nothing but natural ingredients. Schulz Organic Farms is on 832 acres of very fertile land in the South West of Victoria.

Since 1972 we have used bio dynamic and organic principles to enhance the vitality of the soil, grasses and animals.