Zeally Bay - Stoneground Wholegrain (700g)

Zeally Bay - Stoneground Wholegrain (700g)

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Wholegrain stoneground wheat and rye flours are combined with sprouted rye mash and are long fermented to impart a distinctly robust flavour and substance to this bread. The rye flavour is at the fore in this loaf, with its moist dense cakey interior and a sublime caramelised crust


Certified Bio-dynamic Stoneground Wholegrain Wheat Flour, Certified Organic Wholemeal Wheat Flour, Certified Organic Heritage White Wheat Flour, Certified Bio-dynamic Stoneground Wholegrain Rye Flour, Twice Filtered ‘Grander’ Water, Certified Organic Sourdough Culture, Certified Organic Sprouted Rye Grain, Natural Sea Salt, Natural Vitamin C