Get your oils WHOLESALE & SAVE!

So those that know me know that I am absolutely mad for a bargain and a FREEBIE! I always recommend to customers who are looking to purchase more than two essential oils or doTERRA products to consider whether it is more viable to get a wholesale account.


Well it's only $35 to sign up & this gives you access to wholesale prices for 12 months (think Costco type membership for essential oils). That means you get 25% off RRP for 12 months. 

For example if you purchase a frankincense oil you have already saved nearly $30! You also get your oils delivered to your door and a % of your purchase along with the full $7.95 shipping fee comes back to you in points* to spend on more oils.

Get your enrolment fee waived

Your $35 enrolment fee is waived if you purchase one of the enrolment kits too. Check out the kits here -

Free Products

Each month members get the opportunity to get a FREE Product of the month. It changes every month. To qualify all you have to do is place an order totalling 125 points (every product has a point value) by 15th of the month.** This applies for your 2nd month onwards. 

During March 2020 you can receive a FREE Roam Diffuser and 3 x 5ml essential oils for any qualifying order placed which totals over 200 points. This applies to all new enrolments. 


The most important aspect to your wholesale membership is the ongoing support you receive. This is really important to ensure that you are using your oils and products correctly and to explore other products to meet your health and wellness goals. Part of your wholesale membership gives you access to ongoing mentoring and support by your enroller (Green Mumma). 

We send you an Introductory kit (in addition to the one you are sent by doTERRA) providing more specific info on the oils your purchased and how to use them safely and effectively.

You also get discounts to all our classes and discounts for raw ingredients for making your own dishwasher tablets and deodorant & discounts for roller balls and spray bottles for your own blends. 

We also have several private facebook groups that you get access to, providing you with additional support and education.

 How to sign up for wholesale membership?

1. Let us guide you toward the best products and packs to meet your health and wellness goals & take advantage of any freebies on offer. If an order isn't structured right you are likely to miss out (and yes I see it happen each month!). Reach out to Alecia via -

-  messenger function on our facebook page -


SMS 0405 828 731

2. Let us process your wholesale enrolment for you. It takes as little as 5 mins and is a lot less confusing that trying to navigate yourself

3. If you are feeling super tech savvy you can sign up yourself online -

- Follow this link - HERE

- Click join and save (Top left banner)

- Select your preferred language, and that you want items shipped out of Australia

- Click continue

- Select "local order" & then "continue"

- Select "Wholesale order"

-  Enter our wellness advocate details as your enroller / sponsor. (if they are not already prefilled in). # 4469160

- You will then need to select one of the enrolment packs (minimum cost $35) & then pick and choose what additional oils and products you wish to order.

* Points accrue in your virtual office and hit your account and hit your account in the period after your first 60 days of enrolment. They generally come in around the 20th of each month. Then after this, you will receive them around the 20th of each month.
** This applies to orders placed via the Loyalty rewards program which you are eligible to use in your 2nd month of enrolment