Score over $100 of free oils.. find out how

If you have been following my posts on either Green Mumma or our Green Mumma Oily Essentials page you will know I am passionate about using Essential Oils to support the natural health of my family.

I use our essential oils to support our sleep (Yes I know you mummas all have trouble getting those kids to bed), Kids and mumma tantrums, cuts bites and bruises, coughs and colds, tummy pains (see my previous blog post), immune support, natural cleaning products and much much more.

Touch wood, but the last time I think any of us actually saw a doctor was when Zane was born 4 1/2 years ago, apart from a consultation regarding a foreign object in my foot and that's only because there wasn't any oils for that!

Now these oils are quite different to ones you may find on the shelves of a Chemist or a $2 shop as they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® and are really potent. One Drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea.

There is no better time to enrol to get your starter kit as if you structure your order correctly (I can help you with that) you can score over $100 worth of free oils or products of your choice for FREE. Did I mention that I am totally mad for a FREEBIE??? It's actually how I build up my own oil collection.

So how does it work?

1. You place an enrolment order totalling 100+ points

2. You place a second 100+ point order in March

3. In April you are rewarded with 100 points in your account to spend on products of your choice.

What's next?

Well first I will tell you what not to do! I would advise against going rogue and trying to do your first order alone as the sign up website it a little fiddly and confusing and if you don't structure your order right you will miss out. Plus, you may not have enough knowledge to select the right products for your needs. What I can suggest is....

Touch base with me -

SMS or call: 0405 828 731


Or Msg me via either of our facebook pages of instagram accounts - Green Mumma IG or Green Mumma Oily Essentials IG

I can point you in the direction of which oils and products might meet the health and wellness needs of your family & arrange some samples & more info.

If you know what you want and want to go ahead and order, check out this pinned post for step by step instructions. HERE

Did you know?

- Your enrolment / wholesale membership also entitles you to up to 25% off the RRP of products

- You can also score a free oil each and every month after your enrolment by structuring your order correctly

- Once enrolled you are linked into our Private facebook groups and sent educational materials to help you get the most out of your oils

- You also get access to our oily events

- You can also score free credits towards oils (and potentially get all your oils paid for) by introducing family and friends but that's a whole different post.


For Terms and Conditions click HERE

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