Our recipe for rice paper rolls

Rice paper rolls are a delicious refreshing meal or snack & perfect for the warmer weather. They also make a great addition to school lunch boxes or beach or after school snacks.

We have included our recipe for chicken rice paper rolls below, however you can get really creative and omit the chicken and use grilled vegetables, tempeh or hommus for a vegan / vegetarian version.

Edible flowers are also a beautiful addition to step your presentation up a notch.

Chicken rice paper rolls

Tools / equipment:



Sharp knife

20cm round (or larger) quiche or similar dish. Used to soak your rice paper sheets in.


1pk rice paper sheets

1pk vermicelli noodles

One cooked chicken breast or some left over shredded roast chicken

Baby spinach or baby salad mix

Grated carrot

Grated zucchini

Grated beetroot

Cucumber cut into thin batons


Herbs of your choice (we use mint or coriander)


Cook and shred or thinly slice your chicken

Wash and grate / cut all your vegetables

Prepare your vermicelli noodles according to directions on the pack. Most will require a short soak in in warm water, then rinsed and drained

Immerse your rice paper sheet in warm water for approx. 10 seconds. Then place on a clean flat surface.

TIP: Make sure you work quickly once your rice paper sheet is on your work surface as they have a tendency to stick.

Add spinach leaves / salad in a row down the middle, followed by the remainder of the vegetables. Top with some vermicelli noodles and herbs.

TIP: play around with the placement of the veggies on the rice paper roll sheet. We always place spinach first to give a vibrant green strip when rolled. Edible flowers look great if layed down first, as does red capsicum (when in season).

Then fold in the ends of the top and bottom, before firming folding and rolling from one side to another to form a cylinder shape / roll. Repeat until you have completed as many rice paper rolls as you require. (See video on how to roll)

TIP: Completed Rice paper rolls can easily dry out so for best results keep them on a bed of spinach or lettuce (to prevent sticking) and place in an airtight container.

We highly recommend purchasing rice paper sheets that are 18cm or larger as although the smaller cocktail versions look cute, they are fiddly and a lot more difficult to work with. Trust us!

Serve with sweet chilli, tamari or peanut sesame sauce

For a paleo friendly version trying using kelp or Konjac noodles instead of vermicelli  and Bok Choi (when in season) instead of rice paper sheets



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