TIPS: Makeover my medicine cabinet

If you missed the recent makeover my medicine cabinet workshop at Green Mumma you can refer to this great resource from doTERRA (Living Magazine) below, which covers many of the things we chatted about during the workshop.


During the workshop we focussed upon how we could utilise natural remedies & Essential Oils to replace some of the common medicine cabinet items that are often reached for when cold and flu season hits. We also chatted about preventative and immune boosting remedies.

1. Instead of Pain / Headache medication Try past tense

2. Instead of Nasal Decongestion, cold and flu medication or allergy relief medication try Easy Air (known as Breathe (Respiratory Blend) in the US. Try the Easy Air blend in a diffuser at night, and the throat drops to soothe a sore throat.

3. Instead of cough suppressant try rosemary

4. Instead of anti-itch lotion, sleeping aids, burn cream or cuts and scrapes disinfectant try lavender

5. Instead of mouthwash, try peppermint

6. Instead of Immune system boost or sore throat medicine, try on guard. The On Guard blend can easily be added to water, used on surfaces for cleaning. The throat drops are very handy for on the go. 

7. Instead of upset stomach medication or heartburn medication try Digest Zen

8. Instead of sterilising agent, try Purify. It also works great as a room freshener.

9. Instead of Whitening flouride  toothpaste try on guard toothpaste

10. Instead of wart removal cream try oregano

11. Instead of athlete's foot cream try Tea tree oil( melaleuca )

Great multipurpose oils -

Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint.

These items are all available to purchase individually from Green Mumma through the relevant links above and this is a great convenient way to get your hands on a few oils to try them out, or get a diffuser. There is 10% off petal diffusers at the moment.

We will be placing bi-monthly orders & items are delivered to Green Mumma and you will be notified upon their arrival so you can collect them or for regular delivery customers, we are happy to pop them in your next order.

Alternatively, you can set up your own wholesale account & order direct through doTERRA. This means the products are delivered straight to your door and you can save 25% off RRP.

We can help you set up your account. Email or inbox (fbook) us for assistance and we can call you back and talk you through the process, and the best / most economical options to get you started.

Advantages of a wholesale account:

- Save up to 25% off RRP

- Delivery straight to your

- No minimum monthly orders required. Just order when it suits you.

To get started:

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- Click continue

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- Select "Wholesale order" - we recommend this option as it gives you the ability to earn free products and rewards.

A note - Although I am really computer savvy, i felt a little overwhelmed at the beginning as I wanted to try everything right away but my budget wouldn't allow me to. I spent literally hours and hours pouring over the website deciding on what oils to chose and researching and changing my mind. I started with a single bottle of oil (Balance) & built from there. I'm happy to chat about how I started and what I use for my family & what might best meet your own needs & budget. Maybe like me, you just need to start off with one thing, such as something to boost your immunity throughout winter, and go from there or grab one of the great value enrolment kits and jump straight into it. Alecia x

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