It has been bought to our attention today that another supplier of organic produce within the Geelong & surrounding region has been advising their customers that not all of the produce available at Green Mumma is organic. This is completely false and inaccurate.

We were debating whether to respond formally to this accusation or not or just let it slide as we had in the past given that there is no truth it this whatsoever. However, given that these reports are increasing in frequency and not at all warranted, we felt it was appropriate to formally respond.

We wish to assure all of our customers that we ONLY purchase CERTIFIED organic and biodynamic produce, apart from the very RARE occasion (one or two instances a year) where a highly sought after organic variety is not available and the product is CLEARLY MARKED as Non organic or conventional.

All of the produce available in store and online is purchased by us personally either direct from the farmer themselves or from an Organic or Biodynamic Wholesaler at the Melbourne Wholesale market; giving us full control over the quality of the produce , the ability to confirm the product holds relevant certification/s & the necessary paperwork to prove this.

We are very transparent with regard to our fresh product purchasing and will happily chat with any individual who would like to query the origin or certification of a product.

Our regular loyal customers will be well aware that often we cannot make them smoothies as advertised on our smoothie board as we are unable to access a specific seasonal fruit and we often alternatives for them. Furthermore, we frequently reject potential new products and suppliers if we feel that they are not being transparent in the ingredients within their own products.

Our philosophy is to make eating organic accessible to as many people as possible and to achieve this we try and keep our prices low & often refer customers to other Organic and natural suppliers within the local region if we don’t have the product available.

It concerns us that not all others hold this same philosophy and would rather tarnish our reputation and put our family’s livelihood at risk to increase their own sales when in our opinion there is more than enough customers for us to all survive if we work together towards this mutual goal.

Shady & Alecia



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