Workshops at Green Mumma HQ


We are partnering with The Happy Parent Project to bring you a series of small, hands on Natural Living Workshops.

Learn all about the importance of gut health and immune boosting. Nicole from The Happy Parent Project has over 10 years experience in the Health Industry and as a mumma of 3 herself she has loads of tips to get some extra nutrients into your kids.

The workshops will kick off with a basic fermenting class and following that there is an advanced fermenting and a sugar free baking class.

You will learn how to make Kimchi, Broths, Kombucha & Yoghurts for a fraction of the cost of buying them.

The sugar free baking class is a great way to not only learn new sugar free recipes but to gain confidence in using non refined sugars and flours which will equip you with the knowledge to change some of your old favourite recipes to make more nutritious.

Check out our "Events" tab for additional details.

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