Coffee for a cause


Whilst there is no shortage of coffee varieties available, we have been searching high and low for a coffee that was the right "fit" for Green Mumma ... organically grown, ethical, fairtrade and tastes delicious. Thanks to the wonders of social media we happened to stumble upon Wild Timor Coffee on instagram and we instantly knew it was right for us!

Wild Timor coffee was founded by 4 former Australian Peacekeeping soldiers that were stationed in East Timor. The coffee is grown wild and free of pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Wild Timor  purchase the coffee from the villagers at up to 2-3 times higher than what they were being paid by the "big" coffee companies and bring the coffee back to Australia to be roasted in Melbourne. Sales from the coffee are put back into the villages and have funded solar panels, water tanks and a house.

We loved meeting the Wild Timor guys and learning how they knew nothing about harvesting or roasting coffee when they started their venture, and used youtube tutorials to get them started! They have certainly got the art down pat now and their beans make a seriously good coffee.

You can find more on the story behind Wild Timor Coffee here -

The coffee will be in stock very soon.


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